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Zhang Zhongshi, Yan Qing, Zhang Ran, Li Xiangyu, Dai Gaowen, Leng Shan, Tian Yurun. Teleconnection between Northern Hemisphere ice sheets and East Asian climate during Quaternary[J]. Quaternary Sciences, 2017, 37(5): 1009-1016. doi: 10.11928/j.issn.1001-7410.2017.05.08
Citation: Zhang Zhongshi, Yan Qing, Zhang Ran, Li Xiangyu, Dai Gaowen, Leng Shan, Tian Yurun. Teleconnection between Northern Hemisphere ice sheets and East Asian climate during Quaternary[J]. Quaternary Sciences, 2017, 37(5): 1009-1016. doi: 10.11928/j.issn.1001-7410.2017.05.08

Teleconnection between Northern Hemisphere ice sheets and East Asian climate during Quaternary

  • During the Quaternary, the evolution of East Asian climate was coupled with the development of Northern Hemisphere(NH)ice sheets. This coupled relationship satisfies the definition of teleconnection, a climatology termination, thus can also be called the teleconnection between ice sheets and East Asian climate. It is believed that the wax and wane of Northern Hemisphere ice sheets, modifies the West Siberian high pressure system, thus influencing East Asian climate. In glacial periods, the wax of ice sheets can intensify the West Siberian high pressure, hence enhancing the Asian inland aridity and East Asian winter winds. On the contrary, in interglacial periods, the wane of ice sheets can weaken the West Siberian high pressure, allowing the intensification of East Asian summer winds. Here, using the Community Atmosphere Model version 4(CAM4), we carry out idealized experiments to investigate the impacts of NH ice sheets on East Asian climate. Started from a preindustrial control experiment, we decrease obliquity and atmospheric CO2 level to produce an idealized glacial climate. Then we add the American-European ice sheets anomalies in, to investigate the climate responses to the ice sheets in the idealized glacial climate. Our simulations confirm the teleconnection between the NH ice sheets and East Asian climate, giving a strong dynamics support to the coupled relationship revealed by geological evidence. The idealized experiments illustrate that the global cooling and the wax of NH ice sheets can reduce annual precipitation in Northern China, thus enhancing aridity there. Compared to the global cooling, the wax of American-European ice sheets plays a more important role in reshaping atmospheric circulations in winter. It changes the existing trough and ridge systems in the NH. The wax of American-European ice sheets leads to an anomaly cyclonic on the south of the European ice sheets in winter. The anomaly cyclonic is crucial for the strengthened winter westerlies and northwesterlier over inland China and Chinese loess plateau. However, these experiments do not show that the wax of American-European ice sheets can enhance the West Siberian high pressure.

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